Sneak Peak from my newest book in the works!

As you know I am currently working diligently to bring you my latest book! My current working title is “Doing the China Tango II – advanced studies” and as time allows I will continue to bring you more sneak peaks! Here is an excerpt from pages 27 and 28:
Having a rudimentary understanding of Chinese history, especially as relates to China’s interaction with foreigners, will be extremely valuable for anyone conducting business in China. An understanding of this history will show the early formation of collectivism, with its basic distrust of outsiders or foreigners, in a society which remained largely closed to the outside world. This distrust of foreigners was strengthened by the First and Second Opium Wars and the Sino-Japanese War. It was only 35 years ago, after decades of internal conflict, a revolution, and the ensuing chaos that china was able to begin and interact with the outside world. Since that time no country in history has showed the sustained economic growth and dominance of China.
Stay tuned for a release date soon!

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