Alan Refkin is the author the following fiction books, soon to be published by iUniverse, a subsidiary of the Group Penguin, a trade publisher which is part of Penguin Random House – The Archivist, The Abductions, and The Payback.

Alan Refkin is also the co-author of four business books on China – The Wild, Wild East; Doing the China Tango: How to Dance around Common Pitfalls in Chinese Business Relationships; Conducting Business in the Land of the Dragon: What Every Businessman needs to know about China, and; Piercing the great Wall of Corporate China: How to Perform Forensic Due Diligence on Chinese Companies.

The Author’s first book. The Wild Wild East, received the Editor’s Choice Award from his publisher as one of the outstanding books published that year. This book, along with his other three, have been used in universities as a guide as to how business is conducted in China.

In addition to be an internally acclaimed author, Alan Refkin is Chairman and CEO of Thornhill Capital, a global consulting firm. He has spoken about cross-border business and financial topics at the National People’s Congress in Beijing and has appeared on China’s national cable network, CCTV, speaking about U.S.-China business relations. He currently serves as an advisor to a number of U.S. and foreign corporations, law firms, accounting firms, and financial institutions.

He lives with his wife Kerry, and two dogs, Halle and Macy, in Florida.


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